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Backup By E-Mail


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Modified/enhanced backup functionality for Coranto.


The backup in Coranto is rather basic, but at least it's better than nothing.  But what if there's a problem and you can't actually get into the server, or the server dies horribly.  All the backups in the world won't help unless you've got one to hand.


Backup By E-Mail, or "backmail" allows you to have the server send you an e-mail of the latest backup each time it takes it, and also allows you to "manually" request an e-mail whenever you choose.  The manually requested mail contains the current news file.


backmail also allows the time between automatic backups to be changed easily.


The settings that can be changed are:



Time Between Backups:


Number of seconds between backups:
And for those with no calculator:
3600 - 1 Hour
86400 - 1 Day
604800 - 1 Week

Backup By E-mail Settings

Send On Backup?


Send an e-mail on automatic backup as well as on demand


E-mail address the backup should be sent to.


Show the e-mail as coming from this address.

From Name:

Coranto Backup

Show the e-mail as coming from this name


Your Coranto Backup

The subject line for the e-mail.


Here's the Coranto backup from your site at

The body text of the e-mail.

SMTP Host:

Leave this blank to use "sendmail", if you set this then the mail is send via this SMTP mail host, try "localhost" first, then perhaps ""


When the normal backup is taken the results will be mailed to you.  


To take a "manual" backup there is a Send E-Mail Backup option on the Administration page.

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